17 Signs Of Mold Illness (And How To Tell If You’re At Risk)

Water-damaged places create a mixture of contaminants which are present in the air and dust, resulting into a toxic chemical stew. It produces toxic chemicalsnamed mycotoxins that appear in the spores and fragments of mold into the air.

No toxin from the mold is reponsible for all mold illnesses, but the cause is the water-damaged area itself. A recent reviewconnected sinuses as a common source of ongoing mold illnesses.

Why is mold a problem?

Toxicity caused by mold falls under the greater category of biotoxin illnesses which are familiar by the name Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or CIRS. According to the author of Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings, Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, CIRS is a chronic and acute, systematic inflammatory responsewhich is gained through the exposure of water-damaged buildings that have resident toxigenic organisms that include fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, mycobacterium, and inflammagens. 24% of people are unable to create adequate antibody response and those are that comprise 95% of people that have illnesses which contribute from water-damaged buildings.

Why are people susceptible to mold diseases?

Those 24% of people have a certain immune response gene (HLA-DR), thus if you are among those who have mold susceptible genes, then you are likely to have an adverse reaction to mold whne you are exposed to a sufficient quantity of mold. 95% of the mold illnesses occurs in this subgroup, but there are 2% of people who are susceptible to it, but with a “sticker quicker” variation of the genes. If you are not susceptible, your chances are lower, but are not zero.

Those people who are genetically susceptible to mold are not able to recognize s[ecific toxins as toxins, mold including, thus the mold (toxin) recirculates in their bodies, triggering inflammatory response. Most of them are unaware that they are genetically susceptible.

These illnesses are a serious issue. They do not belong to the group of allergies, but rather they represent a state of chronic inflammation which is caused when the immune system becomes out of whack. CIRS does not heal on its own, it will not abate, and will go on provoking illnesses unless it is properly treated. The illness is built upon DNA and when it is trigerred once, the inflammatory response and the symptoms will last for years.