Reasons Why Your Legs Cramp Up At Night And How To Fix It

Legs cramping are a very common occurrence, especially during the night. If this is something that happens to you it is usually unexpected and they happen like fast spasms or contraction of the muscles located in the thighs, feet and calves.

Night time leg cramps usually happen when you have fallen asleep or just right after you open the eyes in the morning. The worst thing about it is that the pain can be really extreme sometimes and it can last up to a few minutes. When it is gone, the muscles will be tightened and tensed and there will be pain if you touch them or move fast.
However, you should know that leg cramps are very different from the restless leg syndrome. It is true that both of these conditions happen during the night, however, restless leg syndrome makes people feel relaxed when they move the legs. If they move them, then they will cramp and the pain will be stronger.

Nevertheless, scientists have not determined why this happens yet. But, they suspect that certain health conditions might lead to this.

Being exposed to low temperatures for a long period of time
Blood circulation issues
Thyroid disease
Specific pharmaceutical drugs.
Kidney disease
Physical activity
Muscle overload
Lack of calcium
Lack of Magnesium
Lack of Potassium
If you notice that these cramps are not connected with a serious health issue, you can rely on a few different method to help yourself.

You can use magnesium in your daily diet if you have been experiencing cramps. You should consume seeds and nuts because they are loaded with this nutrient. Also, consult a doctor if you want supplements.

Moreover, you can take megnesium oil and rub it on the legs before you go to bed. Just boil half a cup of distilled water and then add half a cup of magnesium chloride flakes. When it dissolves, remove it from heat and let it cool. Just store it in a spray bottle and spray five to ten times on each leg before you go to bed.